The Air Duct Cleaning Process

Ductmasters uses the most Advanced and Powerful Air Duct Cleaning System available. It is designed to handle both residential and commercial applications both safely and effectively. With over 15 years combined experience in the Hampton Roads area, we are confident that our Vacuum System & Cleaning Techniques are far more superior than any of our competitors.

Our powerful GAS Powered Vacuum System will first be connected to your air ducts near your furnace or trunk line area. Then very Specialized High Powered Air Tools will be used to dislodge the contaminants and debris in your duct system. The powerful vacuum will then pull the Debris and contaminants out of the ducts into the exterior collection bag. After the duct system has been properly cleaned, all areas of your Air Handling System are inspected and then decontaminated using the same cleaning and collection tools and Vacuum. Finally, all components of the Air Handler & Duct System, including the Coil, are chemically treated and Sanitized.